John Briney


I've been looking into packaging design lately.
Because for one, we have McDonald's as a client, and two, I wanted to research the user experience of buying and walking out of a McDonalds with a bag of their product.

Here's what I found:

  1. Nearly everyone that leaves the store crumples the top of the bag
  2. Everyone thinks McDonalds is fake food, and their packaging does nothing to educate consumers
  3. Condiments are an afterthought, thrown into the bag at the end of the purchasing experience
  4. The bags are soiled before you even leave the store.

First problem: crumbled bags.
While I'd love to recommend McDonald's spends more on a heavier card-stock for their bags, by printing a simple 3-step folding solution on the current bags, McDonald's employees can leave patrons with a bag that not only retains heat but gives them a handle by which to carry it.

Second problem: Real Perception
While McDonald's does process some of it's food, it all begins as real stuff, either grown out of the ground or grazing on it. Let's introduce an iconography for McDonald's that reinforces the fact that this stuff is indeed real wholesome food.

Third problem: Grease
The fries container. It leaks unappetizing grease onto the bag and does nothing to hold in the heat. The new design keeps the food warmer longer, and the lid doubles as a condiment holder.

Oh, and I deconstructed their logo to play around with it. The best thing that came out of that was the heart (line 2, first block).