John Briney
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Sail to Sable

I’ve been working with Jennifer Stocker and her team at Sail to Sable as a freelance design consultant for over 4 years, helping them with website design, line sheets, direct mail collateral, packaging design, and email campaigns. In my work I deal with layout, photo retouching, and web development, all to help this women’s resort wear brand maintain a consistent look and feel.

Website Hero Images

Fashion moves fast. Every season I design a series of new images to be featured on the homepage of STS’s website. While the brand tends to stick to bright pastels, we keep the look fresh from season to season by mixing up font and imagery style.


Line Sheets & Seasonal Catalogs

With each season, the STS team has to put out materials to stores that wholesale purchase their product. Combining the images from the photoshoot, I lay out a new booklet for Spring, Summer, Fall, Holiday, and Resort each year that gives potential customers an idea of each season’s line of clothing.


Print Collateral

Sail to Sable doesn’t have any physical stores, so they rely on the website and third party stores to make their sales. In order to reach these audiences, we design postcards for direct mail campaigns.

Retouching and Recoloring

I’ve attached limbs where they seem to have disappeared on models, changed the color of dresses, fringe and even hair, and even turned shorts into pants. When a photo just isn’t right or a style change was made after a shoot, I help the STS team to ensure the images they use best reflect the products they sell.